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People are naturally cautious when it come to hiring people to work in either their home or work environments.

You too, will undoubtedly have questions you need answering, so in the following section we have compiled some

of the most frequently asked questions that are put to us...

Q. Do you also help your clients to find cheap properties in cyprus?

Yes, our dedicated team is always at your disposal not only to cheap properties, also they will help you to find any developers in paphos as well.

Q. How will I know that staff will spend the full time at our premises that I am paying for?

A. Our staff use our GPS tracking system where staff must log in and out of your premises using your phone (with our

free phone number). Using your unique 4-digit code enables, us to monitor exactly how long our staff have spent at your premises.

Q. Will I be sent different cleaners every time?

A. No. You will be allocated the number of cleaners your premises requires and they will continue to provide your services on a

continuous basis. Providing the same cleaners ensures that they get to know you and become familiar with your special requirements. It is also good for your security.

Q. How can you reassure us that the cleaning staff you allocate, will provide a high standard of cleaning?

A. Our cleaning staff are Employed and trained by us. We never employ agency or temporary staff. New staff applicants are all referenced and CRB checked before they are trained to NVQ standard. Stiled provide staff training in Health & Safety and COSHH.

We believe that by looking after our staff and paying them the wages they fully deserve encourages loyalty and high standards.

Q. Will you provide all cleaning materials and equipment?

A. We provide all machines necessary for the cleaning and all general cleaning solutions. Some companies require specialist-cleaning

solutions for specific areas, which we are happy to source for you and provide. We are able to provide washroom facilities at economical prices and all other janitorial supplies.

Q. Do I sign up for long contract periods?

A. All our new Yearly and two Yearly contracts are agreed with an initial 3 months probationary period. Should you decide that we do not provide the service you are looking for you may end the service at the end of the 3 months probationary period. We also provide

short-term contracts on an 'ad hoc' basis. Our charges are reduced according to the length of the contract you choose.

Q. How long do I have to settle my invoices each time?

A.If your contract value is less than £50.00 per week your invoices would be settled within 7 days of invoice. Contracts valued

between £50- £600 per week, invoices would be settled 30days later. Contracts valued more than £600 per week; invoices would be settled 60 days later.

We hope this is of help to you but if you have further queries on our commercial cleaning services, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We currently have vacancies in Oldbury area for early evening cleaning. Must have previous experience of office cleaning.